Friday, May 17, 2013

Hyperemesis Gravidarum Awareness Day- I'm a little late...

I wanted to post this on Wednesday, but the little miss was sick and things got crazy from there.

Hyperemesis awareness day in May 15th. I am sure you are thinking "hyper what?" I know I did. Hyperemesis Gravidarum is hell, actually it is worse then hell. When you get pregnant you have a flood of emotions & you start to have visions of pretty maternity clothes and all the cute baby stuff. Then you quickly realize that you are lucky to get dressed with out becoming sick, but hey morning sickness has to go away soon or so they keep telling you. I remember counting down the days until my first trimester would be over and when that day came and went I remember calling my doctor crying. I was sick not a little nausea here and there I mean the kind of sick where I could not leave the couch without puking. By week 16 I had been to the hospital 5 times for IV fluids because I could not eat or drink anything without being sick. I felt like a moron every time because they would look at me like I was stupid and everyone I saw would say "you are hear for morning sickness?" I have another child I knew what morning sickness was this was NOT morning sickness! The last time I went in and I had a nurse who told me about her experience and that it has a name, Hyperemesis. I felt validated like I was not crazy, I was not just being dramatic, it was REAL. The doctor came in and discussed this with me and called my OB. They had a plan, a real live I can eat again plan, I was sooo excited! That week a home nurse came out to set me up with everything I needed. I was given a home IV with instructions on how to clean it and was told I needed to wear it 24/7 and once a week a nurse would come to my house to change it for me. Then I was introduced to a zofran pump. That thing was pretty intimidating. Every morning I had to insert a catheter into my stomach or thigh and it administered  liquid zofran all day and night. That meant I had to wear this thing all day and night which really sucked! When I kept losing weight they added some reglan and zofran pills. Every morning I had to pee on a stick to check my ketones, then weigh myself and then call my nurse. If I got really sick (because that zofran pump only took the edge off) I had to call my nurse to get a code to give me a bolus, which is a fancy word for extra dose. I had to see my doctor every other week. I was miserable all the time, I hated being pregnant and just could not feel a connection to my baby. That was the worse part, not feeling connected. Every time she moved I would vomit, then I would cry because I really felt like my baby was trying to killing me. I was always too tired or too sick to do anything with my oldest, my house was a mess, I went days between showers it was AWFUL. I was sick every day up until I had my bundle of joy, I literally threw up on the operating table! The day after delivery I ate more then any one person should.. and it was so yummy!

If you are pregnant and you know in your gut that something is wrong SPEAK UP! Mention Hyperemesis, ask for another opinion, anything!! Just don't feel like you are alone, because it is real, it is horrible everyday, but in the end that gorgeous baby was worth every minute of it. Now don't get me wrong little miss is my last baby because I am not strong enough to do it again and I give a lot of credit to those mamas who are!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

 This is my first attempt at having a blog, a little weird thinking of others reading it! I am a blog junky.. there are so many hilarious mamas out there! I hope to have a place to talk (or vent) about life, family, kids and everything else that pops up in the life of a stay at home mom.

 I guess I should start by introducing myself. My name is Brandi & I am a mom of 3 (2 of my own and a "bonus") I currently stay home with them which can be so fun and others days I want to run away , or at least lock myself in the bathroom for 20 minutes and eat without someone touching me! I am a baby wearing, co sleeping, breastfeeding green cleaning mom who has a slight obsession with beauty products and baby clothes :)

 My kids are 10 years apart and things have definitely changed in that time. I find myself overwhelmed with so many baby things that I go running to read every review I can find to find out which items would work best for me & my family. I must of read over 50 opinions on car seats before I finally dove in and made a purchase. I decided that I would like to be able to have a place to voice my HONEST opinion. I felt so many of these reviews gave you all of the things they like and not as many of the negatives. I want to know it all! I wish I could say every product I have I love, but lets be serious we cannot have it all (unless I am totally missing how to do this in which case please fill me in!) I plan on doing reviews of some items I already have as well as some I am debating on purchasing, or anything that you may be interested in!

 Sorry if my first post kinda bored you, I promise it is worth the ride (or read) so I hope you come back to see what I have to say!